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Hi, my name is Johannes Kamikaze and I am a Nyctophilic




I confess, I like sunlight and summer (there’s seems to be at least a fragment of normality in me). But when it comes to making art or anything truly creative, I need the night. Or more  closely the darkness of the night. In fact, right now I’m sitting in front of my pc writing this in a dark room. The sun is shining outside but I have the curtains closed to simulate nighttime.

I used to think I must be somehow insane to be drawn toward the night, but there seems to be science behind it.

Why Creativity Thrives In the Dark

Dim Lighting Sparks Creativity

I love the feeling of the darkness of the night. It feels like the whole world is sleeping. No stress, no ordinary stuff to do, no meaningless business to take care of. The time stands still and my brain starts to fire up. The darkness of the night summons the world of dreams, deep thoughts, eternity and the numinous feeling of life. All ordinary happens in the light of day and all magic and insanity in the dark of the night. Everything that’s being blocked by the five senses, becomes visible for the mind’s eye when the light disappears.

The darkness is about instinct, mystery, taboo, rebellion, suppressed thoughts and all other things equally threatening to the consensus and agreeability of the day. So what’s not to love about darkness?

The real game of life is always played in the obscurity of the unconscious.